Ukrainian competition of student research works 2015: Results

oemaMarch, 16-18, 2015 on the basis of Kremenchuk National University was held Round II of Ukrainian competition of student research works, specialty “Electrical machines and apparatus.”.

This year’s contest received 117 student research work (162 authors) presented by students from 22 universities in Ukraine.

Work has traditionally taken on three approved scientific directions:

  1. The use of new technologies and materials in electrical machines and apparatus.
  2. Theoretical research and design of electrical machines and apparatus.
  3. Experimental research, testing and maintenance of electrical machinery and apparatus.

Based on the preliminary review sectoral competition commission were identified top 40 scientific papers (49 authors) from 22 higher education institutions. The authors of these works were invited to the final scientific conference, which was held on 16-18 March 2015 at the department of electrical machines and apparatus of Kremenchuk National University. Has also been applied practice of distance protection of scientific work using modern Internet technologies.

Based on the analysis of competitive works and performances of participants of scientific-practical conference industry competitive commission determined the contenders to win the competition.

Results of the contest in the file: 

КСНР-2015: Результати (254.2 KB)

Photos from the competition:


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